Our History

A temporary committee was formed in April 1986 to study the possibility of establishing a transition house in the Chaleur region.

Our History

A temporary committee was formed in April 1986 to study the possibility of establishing a transition house in the Chaleur region. The instigator of this initiative was Roland Godin of the Nepisiguit Family Services.

Chaired by Shelley Robichaud, the temporary committee organized various meetings and activities. A total of 18 meetings were held before the founding meeting of June 11, 1987.

A transition house is a safe place for you and your children. You’ll be kept away from violence, and you’ll have access to advice and information on social services and legal options available.
Transition houses are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can stay there for free with your children for about a month. The transition house staff will help you through the crisis.

Maison de Passage House Inc. serves the Chaleur region (Belledune to St. Sauveur, to Pokeshaw).

Our Values

Improving the quality of life of women and children victims of domestic violence who come to our transition house.

Our exceptional outreach service is not only a core objective, but also the tool around which revolve all our other strategies.

Our Vision

Working with our partners and community, Maison de « Passage » House Inc. wishes to eliminate all forms of violence against women and children in our region.

Our Mission

Maison de Passage House Inc. is a non-profit organization that strives to:

  1. Offer SECURE, CONFIDENTIAL and FREE shelter services to all women and children during time of crisis.
  2. Offer the appropriate services to women who live in an abusive relationship.
  3. Promote awareness.
  4. Educate the community about family violence prevention.

Our Goals and Objectives

The main objectives of Maison de Passage House Inc. are as follows:

  1. Establish a transition home for abused women and their children covering the areas from Belledune, to St. Sauveur, to Pokeshaw;
  2. Administer the transition house it has been established;
  3. Establishing a 24 hour telephone line for women in crisis;
  4. To heighten public awareness of the family violence syndrome;
  5. Establish and see to the function of all other projects connected with the family violence syndrome.

The principal directives of Maison de Passage House Inc. are:

  1. Violence against women is unacceptable;
  2. No-one deserves to be abused and no-one has the right to abuse another person;
  3. Women living in violent situations have the capacity, with the appropriate help, to find solutions to their problems.

Achieving our values

To achieve our values, we have chosen the following priorities:


We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for women and children who are victims of domestic violence through the quality of our exceptional outreach service. All other values support this central value.

Be attentive

We believe and recognize that our intervention workers are the driving force behind our success and we treat them with the utmost recognition and respect.

Results oriented

We achieve the expected results thanks to a high-performance organization. We are committed to excellence in everything we do with TRUSTWORTHINESS.


We are ethical and TRUSTWORTHY in all our personal and professional relationships.


We feel compassion, not to be confused with pity, for all the women who come to us for help, for our colleagues, our partners and for the community.


We work together, careful not to exclude anyone, to achieve success, while respecting diversity, cultures and opinions, both at Maison de Passage House Inc. and with our external partners.


We are proactive, open to new ideas and we create values through our openness.

"Encourage, comfort, compliment and support your peers! When you support someone, you enhance their feelings and your own."


In order to quantify each value and measure the results, Maison de Passage House Inc. establishes achievable quality standards.

Dedicated to women and children victims of domestic violence

Accept women who come to Maison de Passage House Inc. and who have been victims of violence.

Create a calm and safe environment.

Listen carefully to women who feel the need to talk about their situation.

Maintain the confidentiality of what has been entrusted to us in the exercise of our work.

Respect each woman for what she is, a vulnerable woman who has lost her self-confidence.

Attentive to individuals

Show with our actions, our looks and our words that we are there for people who come to seek our help.

Be respectful to women, their families and friends.

Have a team spirit and work with our colleagues for the good of the women we serve.

Show deference to our superiors, the director, the board of directors and the members of social development who govern us.

Results oriented

To be committed to doing our job and fulfilling our obligations so that Maison de Passage House Inc. maintains an environment of excellence.

To be loyal to House of Passage House Inc. in our contacts with women, our team members, our partners and outsiders.

Be committed to helping administrators maintain the financial budget which means helping to reduce unnecessary expenses in order to continue to offer our services.


Understand that compassion is not pity, but a sense of willingness to help the abused woman out of her dangerous situation.

Provide women with a safe and confidential place that will allow them to meet our partners who have the same goal as us and the resources to help them.

Provide for the needs of women during their stays at the shelter.


Be honest and willing to tell the TRUTH at all times.

Be authentic in our conversations and initiatives.

Show transparencies in our relationships while maintaining the confidentiality of confidences received during the course of our work.


Commit to working as a team with all the workers assigned to Maison de Passage House Inc.

Commit to working with the director, partners and the board.

Commit to accepting, respecting that the director is the housekeeper of the Passage House Inc. The director has the mandate and responsibility to promote the proper functioning of the house.

Recognize that in any organization there is a hierarchy to be respected and that each member has their own place.

"Whenever you have the opportunity, strive to encourage and comfort your peers. You will then feel a positive inspiration taking root in you."

Annie Aubie
Maison de Passage House Inc.

Job Opportunities

Violence against women is unacceptable!

Women living in violent situations have the capacity, with the appropriate help, to find solutions to their problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any fees?

No, our services are completely free.

What is your maximum capacity?

We have a license for a maximum of ten beds.

How long can I stay?

Women and their children can stay for up to 30 days.

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